Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School (!)

So it's nearly time to go back to school in the UK! and each year I like to buy new stationery to make going to school a little more exciting :) But this year I've kept my shopping addiction to a minimum, so here's a few new things I got!

Pencil Case

First thing is my new pencil case! I normally go for the girly Cath Kidston floral designs, but this year I've decided to shock my style and went for a neon pink transparent Superdry pencil case. I loooove this because its so different and unique. The pink areas are transparent and the purple (zip and logo) aren't. Its very spacious and the material is very sturdy! its a thick plastic, feels gel like...sorry i'm not explaining it very well :S


I went slightly excessive on notebooks though...

The Speech mark one and the London designed one both has lined paper, The London design has thinner lines though.

From Ikea
The yellow one just has plain paper, I wanted this as when I take notes i don't like being restraint to specific guidelines - my notes get messy and the lines make me feel like I'm extra messing :)

The Yellow notebook has yellow colouring on the edges of each page, making the sides florescent yellow which I found very cool! I wanted to use the speech mark notebook as an everyday note taking/list making pad, the yellow one I need to write notes for my History Individual assignment (school work) and the London one because everyone needs a spare notebook :P

And every student needs a massive folder! This one from WHSmith has plastic dividers forming wallets, with paper labels on each one. There is also 2 elastic bands that hook onto the corners securing it shut! i find this type of folder so useful, you can divide notes into each subject and the plastic makes it more weather resistant!

School Bag

Finally the most important thing is.... my school bag!
yes, each year I am overly excited about getting my new school bag! This year I wanted a structured bag, so i found this one on ebay! (this is the link to it)

This is a replica of the Vogue bag, with 2 uneven straps on the front, and a bow design on each side. Inside there is plenty of space - 2 open pockets that fits a phone and passes then on the other side, there's a zip pocket!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Please comment/share/follow! Thanks guys :) xo

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