Friday, 23 August 2013

Ma Outfit! (I'm not gangsta, don't know what happened...)

As my last OOTD post was quite popular, I thought I'd do another! I've had to change where I take the photos as the mirror I originally used got smashed...
This is also a relatively cheap outfit to recreate too :)
So anyway, Here is a typical outfit I would wear in the summer ----> crop top + shorts + something long sleeved!

The top is from H&M

The shorts are also from H&M

The denim shirt is from Bershka

The Necklace is from Primark

 I really love this denim shirt as its really soft and comfortable to wear and its so versatile! you can wear it buttoned all the way up and wear a collar necklace, or wear it as a shirt (so a few buttons undone) or as a jacket! I normally roll up the sleeves to make it look more casual :)
The buttons are clippy ones which I prefer too 'coz it's easier to undo ;)

The H&M crop top is actually quite old now, but I've worn it soooo much! The print is a simple zebra pattern, but its also quite bold as the whole thing is covered in the stripes, so I'd wear it with simpler pieces like the black shorts :) 
In in the winter, I still manage to wear is as all I do is add a white tank top underneath, pull the top down in the front to expose the tank in the front then wear a nice thick knitted cardigan and it still works!

Here's what the outfit looks like without the shirt! As you can see the back of the crop top is quite low, but I love it like that :) and because the material is so soft, it hangs in the back to form subtle ruffles/pleats that makes it look so girly!

Again I forgot to include shoes :( But I would wear brown sandals with this outfit - perfect for the beach - or converses on an everyday basis!

I Hope you've enjoyed this post and please comment/share if you like this type of fashion posts! I'd really love you for it! Thanks xo