Sunday, 6 October 2013

Smoochy Lips

Recently I have been obsessed with trying different lip balms to try and get the smoothest and most moisturised lips! On average I've used each lip balm continuously for a week to see if it had any effect on my lips. Normally my lips are extremely dry and always cracked so my favourite one really does help with easily cracked lips! Here are some that I've tried and what I think about them!

So there's been a craze recently for the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms so I thought I'd find out what all the fuss was about!
First impressions would be that I love the packaging :) but the texture/feel of the balm on my lips wasn't very good...It didn't feel very moisturising and borderline oily! The balm seemed to only form a layer above my cracked lips rather than actually fix it, but the flavour is lush (its the flavour 'Hydrate') 

I would recommend this lip balm to those who just want a simple daily lip protector, but not for anyone who wants to fix cracked/dry lips!

Good old Vaseline! It is the best known lip balm to prevent lips from drying out and for a good reason too! The jelly is very smooth and lovely to the touch, and when applied you instantly feel like your lips are protected! It can be a bit oily for some, but rub it in more and your warm fingers melts it and it just sinks into your skin!
I really have enjoyed the cocoa butter Vaseline, it just adds a little flavour which makes it more lip balm like, and less just petroleum jelly :)

This is the only Lush lip product I've tried and i have fairly mixed feeling about it!
Its a Popping candy Pow Wow Lip Scrub, and the flavour is soooo Lush! (as in tastes amazing) I sometimes just eat it....
You apply it to your lips and rub t in, the scrub makes your lips silky smooth and rubs away any dry skin, it also leaves a hint of apple! This pot has lasted me at least a month too :)

 I think this is a great product, I just don't use it often as I don't particularly like the feeling of scrubbing my lips - it can get a bit sore.

The beloved EOS lip balm :)
I've wanted to try these for so long and they are hard to find in the UK! I think they've only just recently been sold in Superdrug.
So, I have to say that the reviews I seen on youtube/blogs/anywhere are so true, these lip balms are amazing!
It feels lovely on the lips, leaves a thin but moisturising layer and the rounded shape is so unique! I've used it so much the balm is now flat :P
Its easy to carry around in your bag, it really soothes burning lips and just such a great product!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants smooth kissable lips basically! I've tried the strawberry and the lemon flavour, the strawberry one is my favourite but the lemon one is quite zingy too! If these had cooling relief It would be my ultimate lip balm!

I've already done a post just on this product but i thought I'd include it anyway!
Its the Elizabeth Arden 8hour lip balm. I think this has quite an oily consistency which is sometimes great but it does make your lips look extra shiny sometimes especially as I normally put balms around my lips where it cracks the most, so it makes my mouth area look disgusting... :/
The lip stick shape is great though, it makes applying it very easy!

Here is the link to the post on this balm

So these are all the lip balms I tried recently! My favourite is the EOS one, and the least favourite is the Elizabeth Arden balm! Hope you find my reviews helpful! Please do comment/share, thanks guys! xo

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