Tuesday, 22 October 2013

DIY thinning T-shirts

So I' decided to try out some DIY on my clothes, as I've always just gone out and paid for clothes that are so simple to do at home! I thought i'd share some of the useful tips I've found on the internet with everyone!

This post is about THINNING T-SHRTS! I never thought to try this, but its sooo easy! there are a lot of different ways to do this, you basically just try and distress the fabric without destroying it :)

Wash the shirt repeatedly with any of the below tips!

  • Hand wash with sand, rocks or dryer balls
  • Soak it in water, salt and vinegar
  • Bleach and wash repeatedly
  • machine wash with hard objects e.g. sandpaper, tennis balls, rock salt

If all else fails, American Apparel are selling T-shirts in different weights! check out their paper thin ones, which is the effect these methods are trying to achieve. (how useful) 

Hope this has been useful, please do comment/share/follow! xo

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