Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cheap alternatives!

With the trends forever changing, i find it hard to keep up without breaking the bank!!  So I's always on the look out for cheap alternatives to the big high street labels but still look in style! here are some of the items I've found that I think are better than the real thing :)

This post is dedicated to....

The Chelsea Boot!!

This is definitely a winter must have, but at over £200 for real leather boots, most tend to go for the cheaper but just as good ones from the high street which normally clocks in at £60.
But for me, I thought there must be some for even cheaper than that! £50 is a commitment for something I'll just ruin in the crummy weather of England! So I was able to find these beauts, coming in at just £15 on ebay from a reliable seller!
The heel height is decribed as 7cm but I think its like 3inches? The fit s so comfortable, the stitching looks durable and I think the tanned ones especially look more expensive than they are! I've had them for about a week now, and wearing them on a daily basis is a dreeeeam, they are heels so your feet does hurt but not more than any other pair of heels. The boots are of course waterproof and adds a lot to your autumn/winter outfit! (these boots, tights, long socks, skater skirt and jumper is my go-to outfit!)
These are just as good as the high street ones but at fraction of the price!
The Link to the ebay website is linked HERE!

Next post will be on another cheap bargain, just in time for Christmas!! :) xo

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