Saturday, 17 August 2013


Here is a minimalist outfit i love to wear on lazy days, but can easily be livened up with neon jewellery! (which I don't have so cannot show, sorry!)

The jumper was in the sale at Zara (£10), it came with a stripped under shirt type things, but i like to wear it just on its own as an oversized jumper. I normally wear it with leggings or shorts, but it literally goes so well with anything!

I've paired the outfit with this leaf design chunky bracelet from Primark (£2). I wanted to continue the minimalist theme so the colour is muted but I thought the design adds texture to the look :)

This is the full outfit! The blue section is the under shirt, which is like a very sheer tank top with a thicker stripped shirt pattern on the bottom edges.

I then paired it with simple black leggings from Topshop (can't remember the price sorry!) for a very causal and relaxed look!

 Shown in these very blurry pictures :S are the sleeves! They are slightly cuffed and are about half-lengthed sleeves. Because the jumper itself is very soft and flimsy - its a lot like a towel material! - the sleeves kind of droop, making it feel very loose and care free :)

i hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I've cut my head out here because I looked terrible today but still wanted to post a new blog post asap! please comment/share/follow! thanks! xo