Monday, 5 August 2013

Pretty Pink Purse

In this post, I'm going to show you guys my new purse! I recently bought this in the Monki store in london and I'm in love with it! I wanted something big and statement-y which is exactly this bright pink huuuge purse :) it came in lots of different colours e.g. green, yellow, orange, nude and they were all amazing but I wanted something that'll stand out if I wanted to use it as a clutch 'coz it so big.

It's a very simple rectangular design with just the word 'Monki' etched into the bottom centre of the front. It has a silver zip and the inside is the same colour as the outside, though the outer material s tougher, and has a very faint leather/animal like texture to it.

 There is a lot of space inside, with space for 6 cards and a large pocket behind it (shown in the photo), where I store receipts and other cards that don't have a place :) but I think its meant for notes....
On the other side is where the coin pocket is, and the pocket is the full length of the purse, so again lots of space! although is quite shallow/not very wide it does carry lots of change in it.

Overall I am really pleased with it, and when this becomes tattered, I am seriously considering buying it again and again! Some might find it too big - it won't fit in a clutch bag - but Its great for those who have tons of random pieces of paper or loyalty cards stuffed in their purses and needs something big enough to accommodate that :)

 Please comment/share! thanks guys! :) xo