Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Four days in Paris

Quatre jours à Paris

For the first time ever, I was going to Paris!! I went from 30th April - 2nd May. It had always been a dream of mine (along with travelling to NY, Sidney, Rio and Rome) I tried to cram all the tourist attractions into that long weekend, and I managed to see most things! - Notre Dame, Musee D'Orsay, Eiffel Tower, La Fayette, Arch of Triumph.

Day 1
 After seeing amazing photos of the Notre-Dame on Tumblr, I wanted to see the architecture myself. I loved the symmetry and the pale sandy walls made all the intricate carvings and statues stand out. The square was packed with people, and the line to enter stretched way down the street! It took me 1hour worth of queuing to get in!
This is my favourite photo of the Cathedral, the natural sunlight made the Cathedral look so new yet so full of amazing details that I hadn't noticed and still keep finding!

Once inside, the one thing that struck me first was the multi-coloured light that filled the whole Cathedral from the Stain glassed window as the light was reflected off the Gold found on most of the Cathedral's walls and statues. That paired with the peaceful prayers & the smell of incense made the whole atmosphere more mystical and mesmerizing!

Day 2

The Eiffel Tower Finally!!! I was soooo excited! We took the underground in the morning and stopped off for some lunch (at a really cute french restaurant!) then we went and queued to go up the Eiffel Tower! It was freezing! and the queues were 2hours long, but I was willing to wait :)
The Eiffel Tower was actually more of a brown-y/copper-y colour, and the base was much wider than I had thought. The steel detailing was also very amazing, and I loved the arches it created. It was dizzying to look up from underneath the tower, but I could see how high the elevator was going and all the mechanics of it. I went up via the south corner in an elevator, but only to the 2nd floor as the very top was too full of people! But once I was up there I don't think i would have wanted to go any higher anyway, it was sooo high and you could feel slight wavering of the tower in the wind! The view was incredible, I could even see my hotel and the Arch of Triumph! 

Day 3

Day 3 was such a rush! I visited the Notre Dame real quick, shopped in La Fayette (mainly got L'Occitane hand creams!) aaand went round the Louvre! Because I did so much, I'll just show the pictures otherwise I could go on forever :)

The weather wasn't wonderful, but The Louvre was beautiful!

It was also my first time in Sephora!
I've wanted to go since watching so many American/European youtube haulers talking about Sephora!

Day 4

On Day 4 we went to the Palace of Versaille!
It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen! Each room was colour coordinated, I loved the pastel colours mixed with the white coloumns and gold everything. It made me feel like royalty :)

The ceilings were magnificent, and the Fresco's were so intricate and full of colour. 
The Palace itself was sitting on top of a hill, with massive gold gates. Again I had to queue for around 1hour to get in, but it  was so big that I couldn't go round the whole palace so I made sure I went to the most famous rooms (The bedroom of Madame de Pompadour, and the Hall of Mirriors)

I had a tour listening device which explained all each room and the paintings, In the left picture (thats me) is the Hall of Mirrors and was my favourite room. The mirrors reflected the light from the adjacent windows which lit up the gold on the lamps and made the whole room gleam! 
There was so much going on in that room and my neck ached from looking up at the ceiling so much!

Overall I LOVED Paris, even the underground where I saw a Double-Decker train for the first time!

Now I've just got the rest of the world to explore ;)

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