Sunday, 30 June 2013

Make a Statement

I have been loving statement necklaces as an outfit-finisher! I think it really makes a plain outfit look so well thought through but with so little effort! Here are some of my most worn statement necklaces! I want to expand my collection though :)

This one is from Primark. It very chunky and the two different patterns are actually not stuck together, they're on separate pieces. I really like this as its very stylish but also sophisticated! The monochrome colouring makes it easy to style with anything!
I normally were it with high-necklines or with loose jumpers/sweaters.

This one is from Forever21. I love the aztec print, which is engraved in the main necklaces's triangles. They are also so colour so it goes well with lots of different clothes. Even paired with a non-colourful outfit it would look great as it adds a bit of subtle colour to the look! This one is slightly shorter, so is better for turtle necks, or if the cut is very low - it can make the top look less showy.

This one I found whilst clearing out my garage so I have no idea where its from! But it might look dainty, but the charms are quite chunky/bulky! Its a powder blue colour, with flowers and hearts and butterflies charms, I normally wear it with a mint green top I have, it adds a feminine touch to (what I normally pair it with) a business/modern outfit!                                                                                  

Here is a great find on ebay! I just search 'gold chain necklace' and found this! I think its a very different take on the trendy big chunky gold chain necklace. By having just partly chained bulkiness in the middle, with smaller chains making up the rest of the necklace, I think it makes it feel less gangster-y and more feminine! I wear this with absolutely EVERYTHING, regardless if it goes well or not :)

Slightly different to the others is this Accessorize necklace. Its a statement piece not because of its size but because of how unique it looks. It has a tribal/homemade feel which I think it quite different. Because its quite small, I like to wear it with a loud top (big floral pattern) to let the different colours mix in with it. I think this is just a neat little piece to add more colour to an already busy outfit :)