Sunday, 16 June 2013

What's In my Make-up Bag...

I carry my make up bag everywhere I go, even though I rarely redo my makeup! I feel better knowing I have it just in case though :) 
So here I'm going to show you what I carry around with me unnecessarily everyday, which also are my favourite makeup products to use for everyday!

Make-up bag - H&M
(was a clutch, But I cut off the strap)


I've already reviewed these two products in a post, so I won' repeat it (the link to that post is HERE)

But I use these daily!, I put on the BB cream first, then apply the liquid foundation with a sponge!


For my eyes I tend to go very simple - nude eye-shadow, mascara and eyeliner - here are the products I CANNOT live without!
First is the No. 7 eye-shadow in the colour innocence. I use this all over my eye lids and in the corners of my eye to brighten up my eyes!
Then I normally use the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara for volume and Rimmel's Glam' Eyes for length!
For eyeliners, The liquid one I use for a dramatic/night out look is the Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner 


I tend to go for pinky/nude colours on my lips (I'm quite safe in terms of colours)
So to moisturise my lips before putting on lipstick I use the eos lip balm in strawberry I think?
Then I usually for for the Rimmel Lisptick in the colour 206 (nude pink) This also smells sooo good!
For a bolder look I use Topshop's Macaroon bright pink lipstick! (It's quite bright, so dabbing it on it sufficient!)
And my favourite lip gloss is Barry M's - but It doesn't say what colour, It's just a pink glittery gloss!


I wasn't sure how to group these so I just said powders, but it's really just my blush and all round face highlighter!
The Blush if from Vivo (in Tesco - UK's supermarket) in the colour Peaches and Cream (mmm!) This blush is more orange based and has a little bit of glitter in it!
And I use the Mac Mineralize Skin finish in Soft and Gentle basically all over my face! I use it for highlighting my cheekbones, on my chin, nose and forehead and also for a bit of sparkle on my eye lids! I love this as its so versatile and lasts for so long too.


My main body spray is from Gilly Hicks, and it is the fragrance Blue Camden. This stuff smells so good! Its a clean and fresh smell, reminds me of hair conditioner, and  its not too sweet!
There's no scent description so I don't really know how to describe it, but its just really refreshing and the bottle is quite large (200ml).
For more formal events I use Nina Ricci's Fragrance for Women.
I think that this has a more sophisticated and grown-up smell, its meant to smell like candied citrus fruits (which is does) mixed with praline, vanilla and white cedar (which makes it smell more adult-like)
I really love this old but still amazing perfume! And the bottle is cute!

So if you've enjoyed finding out about what Products I use, which might help inspire you to discover or try new products, please leave a comment or share this post! Thank youu xo

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