Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Collection!

Random fact about me, I don't like calling nail varnish 'nail varnish', it sounds so unfeminine to me :/ I prefer 'nail paint' - which just sounds better for absolutely no reason :)
Anyway, I'm going to show you my nail varnish collection and which ones I think are the best!
I've included 18 nail varnishes that I have just lying around, I have more but I can't find them all :)

(left to right) BD - wicked, BD - petal, Collection 2000 Lasting Colour - 1 Liquorice,
 Barry M Nail Paint - coral, OPI - Navy Shatter 

All Barry M - Turquoise, Shocking Pink, Denim,
Pink Sapphire Glitter, Vivid Purple

Topshop - Milk Shake, Topshop - Tidal,
Rimmel 60 seconds - Instyle Coral, Rimmel Lasting Finish - Black Cab

(These mini ones came in a pack) No.7 -
Totally Teal, Damson Dream, Devils Delight, Hot to Trot

In this row, My favourite one is the Collection 2000 one in Liquorice (Black). I love wearing black nails because it just looks edgy but with some cool bracelets its not too gothic! This one goes on perfectly, 2 coats are needed for a true black colour, but its smooth and doesn't need a top coat!
The BD on on the far left is meant to be a browny colour (I don't think its shown up very well).

Here are the 3 I use the most. Again, there's the black one, but for summer I LOVE the colour of Topshop's Tidal! Its a very soft powdered blue and it just makes me feel so girly and summery! But I have to point out, the Topshop one isn't such a nice nail polish to use - it drys soooo slowly so I always get it smudged, it also chips very quickly (in around 2 days) so although the colour is amazing, it is hard to use!

The most reliable brand of nail varnishes has to be Barry M! There is such a wide range of colours and they're also very cheap! I can always trust a Barry M nail varnish! you can find them in most (UK) stores including Boots, Superdrug & Supermarkets! Some people find them to look cheap but I completely disagree!

Hope this was interesting for you! please comment/share/follow! xo

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