Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nails 101

Everyone wants perfectly painted nails fast, all the time, but everyday life gets in the way! Plus bad quality nail polish chips so easily and it just seems pointless to even try!
Here is an easy way to do your nails, keep them long lasting and make them look effortlessly professional. 
Unfortunately due to natural oils from our fingernails, nail polish is not meant to stay perfect for more than 3-5 days.

Always use a base coat—it prevents the nail polish from chipping, and it protects your nails.
You could also put hand lotion on beforehand so the polish won’t harm the area around your nails.

1. Paint the first coat on thick, this makes sure it is smooth and the colour is even across the whole nail. Do this for all colours, but especially for darker colours where you might not need 2 layers!

2. Reapply another layer of the colour once the first coat is touch dry.

3. If you paint outside the nail don’t worry! Leave it and you can clean it up afterwards

4. Then put on the topcoat once the first 2 layers are touch dry. Topcoat prevents peeling and keeps the colour on for longer!

5. Once it’s completely dry, dip a cotton bud or Q-tip into nail varnish remover and go around each nail to tidy up all the bits you painted outside the nail.

And there! You now have perfectly neat nails! When you’re more confident with you’re nail painting skills, you can start trying different designs. Don’t be afraid to try something new!